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short film

It tells the story of two sisters coping with two different deaths in two different times. Their memories start crossing and the world becomes the cold projection of their heart of hearts. The past is a solid bond which is impossible to escape.

This is the very first project of our team. This is were everything started for us. The idea was to tell a story that could put on screen the relationship between the pain of coping for someone's death, and the way our brain processes memories. We didn't have any money. And so we went for some stylistic decisions that could help us with the limited budget. One of these was to use one single lens for the entire movie. A 100mm macro lens attached to a Canon 5D Mark II bought with a little help from our friends. Using this kind of lens forces you to tell the story staying very close to the characters, paying attention to every little detail. Every little change in the actors expressions.

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