Quipu is a collaborative project between artists from all around Europe, from musicians to graphic designers to filmmakers.

We were commissioned the videoclip for the single that was extracted from the EP. The idea was to tell the story of a character hunted by his deepest fears. Unable to escape from them even in the most peaceful of places. The story was written alongside the recording of the EP. Somehow even shaping the actual structure of the song. Locations were found in just an afternoon, “scouting” in Google Maps; finding out just after the shooting that the same forest was also shot by Matteo Garrone in his “Tale of Tales”. The idea of what would actually chase our character changed quite a few times, both in pre and post-production, but the emotion behind it was always very clear to us.

On set we worked with our friends at FOG and their "camera and lighting" department, shooting everything with a Canon C100 Mark II plugged into an Atomos Shogun. It wasn’t an Alexa, but it gave us a good latitude and ProRes files.

While the editing was taking place in AVID, the 3D objects were made in Cinema 4D. We then made an online version in Premiere so it would be easier to go and make the compositing in After Effects. The look of the final film was developed before the actual post-production began. We took all the backstage pictures made by our photographer and friend Lucyu and started experimenting with it in Lightroom. We then created a LUT in Assimilate Scratch and finished compositing and color grading.

Full Movie